Thursday, July 31, 2008

quick update on my last post.....

so apparently, the "montauk monster" has NOT been confirmed true or false!! its ALL OVER the internet & validating the truth of it is still up in the air!

... some people are saying its a dead dog that has been eroding and bloated with water & some are saying its a turtle without its shell. i really dont know what to think - but im curious to see how this plays out!!

to do your own research on us crazyy new yorkers - google "Montauk Monster"

thats all for now!!

glad its almost FRIDAY!

so i decided to add a "Top 10" list to my blog & switch it up from time to time with different top 10 lists i feel are important to share with the rest of the world lol. my next task is a slide show of pictures at the bottom of my blog... i think that will be my goal for this weekend!!

so i'd like to share this with everyone because not everyone that reads my blog is from lovely Long Island, NY like i am. this story was ALL OVER the news last night:

(scroll down a little on the page to see the pic & story) me and my hubby were watching the news again this morning & they reported it was all fake... someone actually MADE this thing and put it on the beach in Montauk! sadly yes, this is the behavior of new yorkers hahaa. i think i would have FREAKED OUT if i saw this thing on the beach - fake or not, its really creepy looking and i would def run far far away from it!!

i just had to share this!! have a great day everyone!!! : )

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

still new to this...

does anyone know how to add links to people's blog that you would like to keep updated on?? i see it on multiple blogs!!! i've came upon some really interesting blogs & i'd like to keep reading them from time to time but i dont know how to : (

can someone help this blog illiterate out?!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

no sillies in the car

so last night was one of my best friend's bachelorette party. hold on - maybe i should rewind and explain a little about the crazyness that has gone on with my friends for the past 2 years....

so nina was the first to get married in April 07 & at that time, i had already been engaged for a month or so - planning my wedding for May 08. me, alyssa and moe were all bridesmaids in nina's wedding so after the whirlwind of planning & being in nina's wedding, i was up next. nina, moe and alyssa were all bridesmaids in my wedding as well. in october 07, alyssa & moe got engaged 1 week apart & booked their weddings 3 weeks apart!!! so it goes without saying that once all my wedding festivities were over with, moe's and alyssa's picked right up - you know, shower, bachelorette party, dress shopping, shoe ordering, hair up-do plans... the usual.

so all that being said - moe's bachelorette party was last night & that is the last bachelorette party for me for a LOOOOOONG time!! sad yes, but i must admit, i need a break from all the money spending!! my other friend marge is getting married in fall 09 and i am in her wedding party as well - but that is still a ways away so i look forward to the break!!

alyssa's shower is this coming saturday & then all thats left are there big days!! then i only have one more wedding in october which is in VIRGINIA. not really looking forward to that one... esp since its on my 26th birthday weekend : (

well, thats enough babbling for now. it sounds like its going to POUR any second so i should go and take in the towels that are attempting to dry on the deck.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

what am i doing here?

i'm not even sure how i ended up here lol. i randomly searched for my old "live journal" and "open diary" that i had back in the day & i enjoyed reading all those entries because it shows how much i've changed over the years. i also found my old hand written diaries from middle school, high school & early college years & it was TOO funny reading those entries.

so i guess you can say that looking through old blog type things have inspired me to start a brand new blog. i'm hoping this blog site gets more action than my old ones did...

so hello to my fellow bloggers!! : )

thats it for now... i have lots to do today & wont be back till tomorrow so bye for now!