Thursday, July 31, 2008

quick update on my last post.....

so apparently, the "montauk monster" has NOT been confirmed true or false!! its ALL OVER the internet & validating the truth of it is still up in the air!

... some people are saying its a dead dog that has been eroding and bloated with water & some are saying its a turtle without its shell. i really dont know what to think - but im curious to see how this plays out!!

to do your own research on us crazyy new yorkers - google "Montauk Monster"

thats all for now!!

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Tassie Rosamond said...

AOL is my internet provider and they had a link with a photo of this creature on the welcome screen. It looked so weird!!! I've enjoyed reading your blog! (I'm a friend of Jessica's AKA Life in Cheerio Land)