Thursday, July 31, 2008

glad its almost FRIDAY!

so i decided to add a "Top 10" list to my blog & switch it up from time to time with different top 10 lists i feel are important to share with the rest of the world lol. my next task is a slide show of pictures at the bottom of my blog... i think that will be my goal for this weekend!!

so i'd like to share this with everyone because not everyone that reads my blog is from lovely Long Island, NY like i am. this story was ALL OVER the news last night:

(scroll down a little on the page to see the pic & story) me and my hubby were watching the news again this morning & they reported it was all fake... someone actually MADE this thing and put it on the beach in Montauk! sadly yes, this is the behavior of new yorkers hahaa. i think i would have FREAKED OUT if i saw this thing on the beach - fake or not, its really creepy looking and i would def run far far away from it!!

i just had to share this!! have a great day everyone!!! : )

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