Sunday, July 27, 2008

no sillies in the car

so last night was one of my best friend's bachelorette party. hold on - maybe i should rewind and explain a little about the crazyness that has gone on with my friends for the past 2 years....

so nina was the first to get married in April 07 & at that time, i had already been engaged for a month or so - planning my wedding for May 08. me, alyssa and moe were all bridesmaids in nina's wedding so after the whirlwind of planning & being in nina's wedding, i was up next. nina, moe and alyssa were all bridesmaids in my wedding as well. in october 07, alyssa & moe got engaged 1 week apart & booked their weddings 3 weeks apart!!! so it goes without saying that once all my wedding festivities were over with, moe's and alyssa's picked right up - you know, shower, bachelorette party, dress shopping, shoe ordering, hair up-do plans... the usual.

so all that being said - moe's bachelorette party was last night & that is the last bachelorette party for me for a LOOOOOONG time!! sad yes, but i must admit, i need a break from all the money spending!! my other friend marge is getting married in fall 09 and i am in her wedding party as well - but that is still a ways away so i look forward to the break!!

alyssa's shower is this coming saturday & then all thats left are there big days!! then i only have one more wedding in october which is in VIRGINIA. not really looking forward to that one... esp since its on my 26th birthday weekend : (

well, thats enough babbling for now. it sounds like its going to POUR any second so i should go and take in the towels that are attempting to dry on the deck.


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Tassie Rosamond said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Jessica's AKA "Life in Cheerio Land." I was so happy to be in her was my first other than my own. I even blogged about it. I enjoy reading your blog!!!