Sunday, August 3, 2008

holy crap its hottt today!!

i dont know about anywhere else in the US - but its HOT as hell today in new york!! i am absolutly dreading to see our electric bill after all these hot days with the AC running!

anywho - i hope everyone had a great weekend! as usual, it went by WAY too fast!! me & the hubby are cat sitting for about 2 months. my friend from high school is moving back to long island from update ny & will be living with her aunt until she finds her own apt. her aunt wont let her keep her cats at her house (she has 4 of them!) so me and my husband (tommy is his name btw) decided to take one in until she finds a place. so last night was his first night here & he's adjusting very well so far!!

well, thats all for now - i have to get back to cleaning... thanks to everyone who have left comments & added me to their blog list!! i've enjoyed reading everyone's blogs!!!! : )

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Crystal said...

It's freakin' hot here in Mississippi too. The high is supposed to be 100, right now it's about 92. And the humidity is 60%. To quote a blog I read the other day "it's ass crack sweaty." I hear you about the electric bill, ours was $130 last month for our tiny two bedroom apt. and I'm sure this month will be worse.
Have fun cat sitting. Cats are so much fun, I love them. I can feel for your friend, our landlord won't let us have any either.
Try to have some fun this weekend too, don't spend too much time cleaning :-)