Wednesday, August 6, 2008


does anyone have a favorite show?? and i dont mean just a show that you HAVE to rush home for the night a new episode is on... or a show that you HAVE to program on the DVR... i'm talking about a show that no matter how many times you have seen EVERY SINGLE episode, no matter how much you say to yourself "ohh this is the episode when ______ happens!!" AND no matter HOW MUCH people in your life tell you that you are crazy for STILL watching all 10 seasons - every episode - almost everyday - you still HAVE to watch the show & you never EVER get sick of it... i mean NEVER!!

well, this is beverly hills 90210 for me! for those of you who have optimum online for their tv service (that is all over the us right? not just ny?!) the SOAPnet channel plays 2 episodes a day back to back from 5-7 of 90210. they start with the pilot & go straight through to the season finale (there were 10 seasons of this show!!) you havent heard the kicker yet - they just keep replying ALL 10 SEASONS! once the season finale airs, the next day at 5pm, it starts all over again with the pilot.

so i discovered that SOAPnet was airing this most favorite show of mine about 8-10 months ago. i hadnt seen the show in a while (keep in mind, before this point - i had already seen every episode) so i got really excited when i found out & they were only on episode 3 or 4 so i decided to start DVRing both episodes everyday since i was working crazy hours at my job then so would rarely get home at 5 to watch both episodes. so almost everyday when i got home from work i would watch the 2 episodes. needless to say - my husband (then finance) HATED the show!! but he was a good sport & watched some episodes with me... other times he would forbid me to watch the show in his presence lol but in the end, i had made it!! i had watched all 10 seasons on DVR!!!

so like i said, once they air the finale, the WHOLE show starts all over again. no no - i didnt start DVRing it again - my husband told me i was crazy to even wanting to DVR the whole show again since i just finished watching every season haha.

so now i'm at a job where i'm home by 430/445 everyday so i started watching both episodes again & i can honestly say that this is one show i will NEVERRRR get sick of!!!

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