Friday, August 22, 2008


i have had quite a week!! my gma has been in the hospital all week for heart surgery so i have been going back and forth to the hospital for days now. plus our friend had a baby on tuesday so i went to that hospital wednesay night to visit her. i have been getting home late every night this week & of course getting up early for work so needless to say, IM POOPED!!! i'm going home & taking a nap!!

in other news, i have to go to the doc tomorrow & i'm NOT happy about it b/c i do not have insurance right now b/c i started a new job so my benifits havent kicked in. i really am not looking forward to paying out of pocket for the visit OR the Rx he decides to give me!! i've tried to self-medicate in hopes that i would be fine & not have to go to the doc, but i'm not 100% better so before i get worse i should probably just suck it up, spend the $$ & go. anyone else ever pay out of pocket for the doc?? please tell me its not that bad!!!!

anyways - i'm at work so i should probably go & get ready for my client i have to see in a few. have a great weekend everyone!! : )

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